Integrity with Indulgence

We’re bringing fresh ingredients every day in ways you can’t resist.


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There’s a reason we call it the Cookie Bar Kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, where life’s moments are shared and memories made.  We love what we do and that love finds it’s way into every one of our creations, from our kitchen to yours.

Visit us on baking day and you’ll be greeted with the tempting aroma of gourmet brownies, fruit filled cookie bars or hearty breakfast bars fresh out of the oven.  Most likely you’ll even be treated to a sample straight from the mixing bowl – just like home.

Our cookie bars are BIG and meant to be shared.  Everything is made from scratch and all of our recipes contain very little sugar and very little white flour!  Not only is that better for you, but it allows the true flavors of our quality ingredients to shine through.

Like the real Belgium Chocolate in our brownies.  Or the local, seasonal fruit in our home made preserves.  Or the richness that comes from using local eggs and local honey.  The key word here is local.  We love to support our friends and neighbors and the price of our bars includes a pay rate our employees can live on.

But it’s not only about the cookie bars.  We are all about the energy!  Life is energy and we want to share that too!  We operate under the universal laws.  The celestial bodies inspire our creations as they sparkle and shine their way through the galaxy.  We treat every relationship as an abundant exchange and we’re grateful for the friendships we’ve forged with our customers and fellow vendors.  We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together and look forward to more magic.  Thank you, Universe!

We believe our mission statement sums it up nicely — Integrity with Indulgence. We want all of our friends to walk tall through life with integrity and know that the life lessons they endure give them the right to indulge a little – and if that indulgence happens to be a cookie bar then that’s okay with us!



Artisan Dessert Catering

Corbett’s Cookie Bar Kitchen is pleased to provide Artisan Dessert Catering. Keep us in mind when planning your next event – weddings, holidays, family or corporate. Our extensive menu includes over one hundred different cookie bars, brownies, breakfast bars and marshmallows available in a variety of sizes to fit every occasion. And to compliment the desserts we have locally roasted, organic coffee, real hot chocolate and more. All of our creations are made from scratch with less sugar. We use real Belgium chocolate and make our own preserves using local, seasonal fruit. We would be honored to work with you to provide a unique and delicious experience for yourself or your client. Give us a call or email to get the magical ball rolling. We’d love to help make your big day the best it can be!

Summer is here!

Summer drinks: Summertime shines with our Real Brewed Iced Teas, Fresh Squeezed Lemonades and Cold Steeped Iced Coffee.

Farmers Markets: We love market season! It means fresh, local fruit for our homemade preserves.



12 Railroad Ave, Warwick, NY 10990 (845) 500-3737 Open M-S: 10AM–5PM As Seen on The Knot